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How to Audition for the Choruses

The below instructions are applicable for spring and summer 2024 auditions. They are also typical of the expectations for any round of auditions. If you are thinking about auditioning in the future, you can anticipate the same requirements with a DIFFERENT required excerpt.

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Complete the Online Application

Each auditionee must complete the ONLINE AUDITION APPLICATION. (The application is a Google survey.)

Be prepared to tell us some specifics about your music background and your previous choral experiences. The application should be completed no later than 4 days prior to the scheduled audition.


Prepare Solos

  • The audition process for the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus requires two solo prepared pieces. At least one of the two solos must be in French, German or Italian.

  • Candidates who only wish to be considered for the Blossom Festival Chorus (Christmas and summer) only need to prepare one solo. Solo may be in any language.


  • Repertoire may be art song, aria, or Broadway.

  • Solos do NOT need to be memorized, but must have piano accompaniment (no a cappella singing).

Need some ideas for your solo? Tired of dusting off the same old tune? We've got some suggestions to share.



Prepare the appropriate excerpt.

*Note that the required excerpt changes with each audition series.

Whether auditioning for the Blossom Festival Chorus OR the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus or both, you will need to prepare the provided 2024 audition excerpt. This summer the same excerpt will be required for either chorus.


Note that there will be a variety of learning aids available to you in the form of German diction, music study tracks, and a separate accompaniment-only track for the excerpt )these are still being prepared, but will be available before the end of February). These are the same materials provided to the COC for rehearsing at home.  You can find everything you need on the AUDITION EXCERPT page.


Schedule an Audition Appointment

Visit our Scheduling Page to select an appointment time. Be prepared to provide the following when booking your audition:

  • List your solo repertoire (composers and titles of your audition pieces).


What to Expect at Your Audition

Before the audition begins, please make sure you have completed the following tasks:

  • Make sure that you have enough copies of your solos. You will need to hand one over to the director, one to the pianist, and have one for yourself (unless you have them memorized, which is NOT a requirement).

  • Bring your copy of the required excerpt. We will of course have our own copies for the director and pianist, as well as an extra for you if needed, but you may prefer to use your own copy with your personal notations.

  • Be sure to warm up in advance. Our audition venues to do not typically allow for separate warm-up spaces.

  • The director may assess your ability to sight-read as part of the audition.

  • In addition to hearing your solo(s) and the excerpt, the directors will want to hear more about your singing background and why you are interested in our choruses. They may also guide you through some simple vocal exercises so they can hear your range.

If you have trouble completing any part of the online audition process, please do not hesitate to contact the Chorus Office at

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